Meeting a Redditor in person…

I found myself looking for more friends one day, don’t get me wrong, I have great friends but work and children don’t make it easy to see them and I wanted to meet some new people and hopefully make some more long-lasting friendships and so I posted on Reddit...

I spoke to a few people but most fizz by the next day. I ended up talking to this girl who lived near London, we seemed to have a similar sense of humor and be into the same things such as hiking, travel and reading to name a few. We were planning on meeting six days after talking but then she realized close to the day that she was working that day and had misread her schedule. I had thought this might of been a way of saying I’m not interested in meeting you but we still spoke to each other.

We set up a 2nd meeting and met 30 mins away from where I lived at a coffee shop, I waited, and 10 mins later I texted her asking where she was? She was having her nails done and would meet me soon. At this stage, she was 20 mins late and I thought, is she here at all and just messing with me, or is she just a bit late? She called saying where I was and she was at the coffee shop? I said I am too! Turns out that we were on the opposite sides of each other in the shopping center. Finally, she bursts through a door and I come face to face with her, she looks nice, not a catfish and just like her pictures, in fact, better I thought. We hugged and off we went to go walk around and chat.

We got a coffee first thing and she paid, we sat down and chatted and I was surprisingly not too nervous. It felt very natural and I felt comfortable. We went walking around and going into shops while having a chat. We went to a mediocre noodle bar and as I went to pay to thank her for getting me a coffee she said no and paid again! After we finished eating she drove us to a nearby canal I knew about and we walked around there and the forest nearby. We sat down on a bench facing the canal and talked for about two hours before we got up to go get a bubble tea. We drank it and she dropped me off home and we hugged goodbye.

I’ve known her for 3 months now and we meet almost weekly. We have gone to London, Oxford, Reading, etc. We went on a wonderful hike recently and only a few days ago I stayed in Reading while she had some time off work and we hung out, cooked some food together, watched tv, she showed me around the town center and we went for some nice walks with her dad's dog. She is already such a close friend and I love her dearly. I don’t feel as if I connect with people very often on such a deep level but with her and my other friends I do. I finally found an adventure friend and I look forward to all the adventures we have in the future!



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Hello! I am Rob, I have always liked the idea of writing but never tried it until this year. I hail from England, love tea, of course, animals & true crime.